Upprepade aviseringsmall - mail bombing internal MTA

Vi har fått ett svar ifrån Code42 på frågan om varför man ibland får upprepade aviseringsmail från sin CrashPlan server, så att man känner sig ”bombad”. 

Så här svarar Code42:

When the internal MTA (mail transport agent) is used, and there are multiple "To" addresses, and one address fails, it will keep trying to send to all the addresses until the failing one succeeds. If the failing one never succeeds then the spamming continues indefinitely. 
The workaround has two parts: 
Verify that all user email addresses are valid. (you can check logs for 'Email:: RETRY failed to send') 
Shut down master, delete contents of activemq-data directory and restart

Version 5


Version 6



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