Nyheter Kerio Control 8.4

Personalized Wi-Fi authentication (RADIUS)

Kerio Control includes the RADIUS authentication server supported by virtually every Wi-Fi access point. The RADIUS server enables users to authenticate using their personal Kerio Control username and password instead of a less-secure shared password. Kerio Control supports authentication against Microsoft Active Directory or the Kerio Control local user database.

Read about the personalized Wi-Fi authentication in the article Using RADIUS server in Kerio Control.

HTTPS filtering

Kerio Control decrypts and filters HTTPS connections. This allows filtering of HTTPS content that may include viruses and malware, forbidden words, or peer-to-peer activity.

Learn more about this filtering in the article Filtering HTTPS.

Read about deploying a root certificate via Microsoft Active Directory in the article Deploying Kerio Control certificate via Active Directory.

Guest LAN

If you have a Wi-Fi network for your guests, you can secure it by Kerio Control. Guests can connect to your network without a Kerio Control username and password. Guests are not counted to licensed users.

Read about Guest LAN in our Knowledge Base: Configuring Guest LAN.

Traffic rules for IPv6

You can create traffic rules for IPv6. You can apply each rule to IPv4, IPv6, or both.

Changes in system requirements

Supported web browsers:

Safari 5 to 8
Mozilla Firefox 23 and newer
Google Chrome 31 and newer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to 11
Kerio Control VPN client: added support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

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