IOS 7.1 bugg som påverkar Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect påverkas av en bugg avseende nedladdning av pdf-filer där de inte laddas ner genom att klicka på filen.

Buggen visar sig genom att pdf-filen inte visas, endast en svart-vit skärm visas.

Nedan visas information från Keriosupporten och en länk till supporinformation hos Apple.

And it seems that this workaround works: 
For one of the emails with an attached PDF that I have been having trouble with, if I tap on the PDF icon to download it, and then tap on it to open it, I get the error (black or white screen). 
But, with this same email, if I first tap on the "Download Full Message" link at the bottom of the email, the PDF will then open correctly when I tap on the PDF icon. 
I confirmed that this works on two different iOS 7.1 devices. 

As this is Apple bug, can I close this ticket as solved from our side?

Länk till supportinformation hos Apple.

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